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Quantum Days 2022 Videos

Opening Keynotes
Topic(s) Covered:
Nano-quantum nexus, Quantum technologies, Materials physics, Moire materials, Cavity quantum electrodynamics
During this session, our chair, Andrea Damascelli officially opened Quantum Days 2022. Dr. Mona Nemer, Chief Science Advisor to Canada’s Prime Minister, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry, and Cabinet provided the opening remarks. Professor Allan MacDonald presented his keynote talk entitled "The Magic of Moire Materials", and Associate Professor, Lilian Childress also presented a keynote talk entitled "Cavity QED with defect centres in diamond"
Quantum Nanoscience Parallel Session
Topic(s) Covered:
Quantum nanoscience, Quantum science, Nanoscience, Qubits, Quantum technologies
Nano and quantum science are intertwined in many implementations of quantum technology. This session highlights recent advances in using nanoscience to create, control, and connect qubits for quantum computers and communication devices.
Quantum Photonics parallel session
Topic(s) Covered:
Quantum photonics, Quantum internet, Quantum communication, Quantum technologies, Silicon
Quantum photonics will play an important role in the development of the future global quantum internet and long-distance quantum communication. This session highlights recent developments in quantum photonics toward these applications by generating quantum states of light for entanglement and spin-photon interfaces, and interfacing solid-state emitters with cold atoms for a hybrid quantum repeater.
Quantum Materials Parallel Session
Topic(s) Covered:
Quantum materials, Quantum information, Quantum technologies
Quantum materials can have remarkable electronic and magnetic properties due to strong quantum mechanical effects. This session will discuss state-of-the-art experimental and theoretical approaches to the study of quantum materials and the exotic states they can reveal.
Panel Discussion - Canada’s Workforce
Topic(s) Covered:
Quantum technologies, Training, STEM, Women in STEM, EDI
In this session, we will address the training of the quantum generation in Canada. This includes, but is not limited to, technical skills and research, diversifying talents, gaps in skill sets, outreach activities, recruiting and retaining trainees, mentoring programs, EDI, and transition to/from industrial sectors.
Opening Keynotes
Topic(s) Covered:
Quantum cloud, Quantum computing, Quantum information, Quantum technologies
Professor Raymond Laflamme presented his keynote talk entitled "Perspectives on the past, present, and future of quantum information in Canada", and Krista Svore from Microsoft, also presented a keynote talk entitled "Accelerating the cloud with quantum". Taleana Huff from the Canadian Bank Note Company was awarded the 2021 Douglas R. Colton Medal for Research Excellence.
Quantum Computing Parallel Session
Topic(s) Covered:
Quantum Computing, Quantum Computer, Qubits, Quantum technologies
With the advantage of quantum computers over classical computers being demonstrated recently in impressive ways, questions about the prospects for scalable quantum computation and the underlying nature of quantum information are being amplified. This session will feature exciting viewpoints and emerging results in the theory, design, and usage of quantum computation.
Quantum Communication parallel session
Topic(s) Covered:
Quantum communication, Quantum technologies, Quantum internet
Quantum communication encompasses activities ranging from quantum key distribution to the development of the quantum internet and its applications. This session will bring to you an exciting and interdisciplinary preview of the latest developments, foundations, and viewpoints that will lay the groundwork for future efforts in quantum communication.
Quantum Sensing parallel session
Topic(s) Covered:
Quantum sensing, Quantum technologies
This session will explore various systems and strategies for quantum sensing. The field is expected to provide new opportunities - especially with regard to high sensitivity and precision - in applied physics and other areas of science. Talks will consist of theoretical work as well as experimental implementations.
Panel Discussion - The Future of Quantum in Canada
Topic(s) Covered:
Quantum technologies, EDI
The panelists will explore how Canada can best position itself to be competitive on the international scene. We have faced the same questions in other emerging areas: should we focus on a few topics or keep a broad range of activities, compete or collaborate internationally, or give more resources to fewer groups? There is a chance to build in Equity, Diversity and Inclusion merit indicators early on in the Canadian Quantum Strategy. How could we best build inclusive excellence in the Quantum field? The panelists will provide perspectives from different stakeholder communities: academia, government laboratory, one of Canada’s funding agencies and small enterprise.
Opening Poster awards
Topic(s) Covered:
Quantum strategy, Quantum technologies, Deep tech, Start-up, Quantum computing
Professor Fiona Murray presented a keynote talk entitled "Building and supporting deep tech startups", and Margaret Wu from Georgian, also presented a keynote talk entitled "A business perspective on quantum computing". Poster awards were presented during this session.
IP Best Practices Between Research Labs - Start-Ups Parallel Session
Topic(s) Covered:
Intellectual property, IP, Start-ups
Deep tech start-ups often rely on strong connections to research laboratories for founding IP and continuing IP creation. This expert panel will discuss the key success factors in that critical relationship between the start-up and research lab around intellectual property.
How to Leverage Incubators, Accelerators and Government Labs parallel session
Topic(s) Covered:
Deep tech, Start-up, Incubator, Accelerator, Quantum technologies
Deep tech start-ups usually take more time and more money to make it to market. That longer journey is critically facilitated by incubators, accelerators and publicly-funded laboratories and institutes. This expert panel will discuss the key success factors for start-ups that most successfully leverage these ecosystem resources to fuel their own growth.
Funding Your Start-up parallel session
Topic(s) Covered:
Start-up, Funding, Deep tech, Quantum technologies
Deep tech start-ups usually end up consuming a lot of cash before becoming profitable. This expert panel will discuss key success factors for deep tech start-ups to raise significant funding over extended development cycles.
Panel Discussion - Founder’s Journeys & Closing Remarks
Topic(s) Covered:
There are many different paths to start-up success. In this plenary panel we welcome five Canadian founders who have each followed very different founder’s journeys so far. We discuss the key factors they believe have been most important to their success to date.

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